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Questionwhy did tblop take you off their list. You should be #1 Answer

Please write to TBLOP, I have not been given a reason why I have been removed. But I can imagine that it has to do with content submitted by malicious users during the past few weeks.

I really like the TBLOP, it’s undoubtedly a valuable service to many men people ;)

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QuestionIt seems like there is a lot less content on Vusker lately. Is this true? Answer

Yes, for the last ~5 weeks we have had various sources submitting disturbing content and/or reporting all content they could before being banned. I firmly believe this was done to harm the site’s reputation.

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Questionpussy Answer

Sir/Madam, we do have all kinds.

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QuestionHow to I report illegal content posted on the site? I am a huge Vusker fan but occasionally come across questionable content that should not be viewable and needs to be removed immediately. Are there moderators that police the tool to ensure this content is removed in an expeditious manner? Answer

This is a very simple procedure. There are two ways to report illicit content from Vusker. In the thumbnail view you can click the following link:

Or when viewing a complete set of images at the top right hand side of the screen you click the following icon:

After clicking either one of these links the following box will appear where you can clarify the need for this content to be banned.

After submitting the report, this set is immediately removed from Vusker. However it can still reside in your browsers (or proxy) cache for up to 30 minutes. I would like to recommend using your browsers incognito functionality to verify that the content has really been deleted.

We sincerely appreciate everyone reporting illicit content, I do really like to run a clean and lean site!

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QuestionWhat's the difference between right-handed and left-handed? Answer

 You tell me ;)

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QuestionGreat site. No complaints. Keep up the good work ! Thank you. Question: Do you know LOTS of people love your work? :-) Answer

Thanks! These messages provide all the support I need :)

Yes, I can tell by the sheer volume of users and the minimum duration they are staying…

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QuestionREMOVE OR ELSE Answer

Without any specifics I refuse to remove the entire site. Please include contact details in your question so I am able to contact you directly.

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Questionmovies Answer


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QuestionI just received this notice. I DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE ANY MORE MESSAGES FROM THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!! Answer

Vusker has never send out any notice, message or email. Not once.

With that out of the way, it is hard to read something that hasn’t been included/attached. Please include contact details in your question so I am able to contact you directly.

New translations are available. I’m pretty sure not all translated texts will be a 100% perfect. If you are fluent in any of the following languages and willing to help me translate Vusker let me know!

  •  Arabic
  •  Chinese (Simplified)
  •  Czech
  •  Italian
  •  Japanese
  •  Korean
  •  Portuguese
  •  Russian
  •  Spanish
  •  Turkish